Professor Tony Baloney's Super Science Show

Super Science with Cork magician Tony Baloney

Learn through Laughter with Professor Baloney’s Super Science Show. Great fun for schools, private parties, festivals and special occasions. If you are looking for something just a little bit different, look no further. The Super Science Show is high-energy, full of explosions, full of fun, full of laughter.

I am a genuine experimental physicist, and can do the science. But the show is about mad-cap fun. I created this to share my love of science, and to push my vision of learning through laughter, and sparking the imagination.

Learn through Laughter with Professor Tony Baloney

The Super Science Show is great for birthdays, particularly for teens and pre-teens. But it is equally suitable for schools. Students love it, and it supports the work of teachers, by creating an interest in science. For younger children there is the puppet Dr Otis Funkenstein. For older children the science can become a bit more rigorous, without losing the element of fun. There are three options to choose from.

Super Science is suitable for all, including birthdays, company parties, and festivals.

Number Ninjas is purely for schools.

MegaMemory is particularly suitable for secondary schools and transition year students.

Check out my videos below for an interview with Professor Baloney, and a primary schools video record of my visit to their school.

Number Ninjas is an action packed, interactive and super-fun show that makes numbers trick-tastic! This is entertainment for 21st century kids, aged 8 to 13. Professor Baloney entertains, engages and educates all at once. This super-charged number show teaches tricks of the trade and thinking skills … by stealth!

The great news for you – your kids will be having so much fun that they won’t even realize they are learning. Number Ninjas provides a completely unique, unforgettable and magical experience. Watch as your kids become inspired and empowered in their quest to become a Number Ninja. Who would believe numbers could be so much fun?

This show is most suitable to a school or summer camp environment, but is also great fun for older kids’ birthday parties.

Number Ninjas
Super Science Show

Science in the Kitchen, with everyday ingredients.

Join Professor Baloney for his Wacky Science Parties. He will use household substances to do science experiments that the children can repeat for themselves after he has gone. Everything involves easy to obtain items. The Science Party emphases fun, but Professor Baloney is a qualified physicist, so the kids will learn too.


The children help out by becoming mad scientists themselves, learning and laughing at the same time. A great party idea for birthdays and celebrations.

This is also a great option for primary schools, and can even be tailored for under sevens.


Learn twice as much in half the time.


Imagine your students using techniques developed by the ancient Greeks to supercharge their memories. 

Learn to say the alphabet backwards in under five minutes. Learn twenty random words in order as fast as they are read. Memorize dozens of foreign language words in a single session. These are powerful techniques.

Tony once spoke for 62 hours without notes, getting into the Guinness Book of Records. In ten days he learned to perform his show in French.

Mnemonic systems work, and are easy to learn. Great workshop for transition year students.

Interview with Professor Baloney
Super Science in a Cork school