Professor Baloney goes Boom!

Tony Baloney Puppet Theatre present the Super Science Show. 

Professor Baloney is in his secret laboratory messing with some cool stuff when he gets a surprise visit from his mentor, the lovable puppet Dr Funkenstein. 

It's Funkenstein's birthday, and he asks Professor Baloney for help. He wants to see fireworks. So the Professor changes into his science gear and gets to work.

We'll see explosions, big bangs, balls of flame, tea-bag rockets, and plenty of strange gasses before we find the perfect BOOM! to celebrate Funkenstein's special day.

This is an interactive science demonstration coupled with kid-friendly comedy and roguish puppets. Live science with plenty of laughs.

“We had so much fun blowing things up.”    Little Island Primary School
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About Tony Baloney

Tony Baloney is a descendant of legendary Music Hall star Dan Leno, the world's first panto dame. He's been Irish magic champion four times, and has performed all over Europe. And he is a physicist with a passion for popularizing science. 

He is a best-selling author (fifteen books published to date) and once held the record for the longest public lecture.

He has one rule in his science show; everything must be done with ordinary objects the kids could find at home.

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