Wacky Science

Learn through Laughter

Tony was a physicist before turning to magic, and he brings this experience to bear in his Science Seanachai show, where he brings innovation and discovery alive for children. Through simple experiments and fun stories he illustrates the history of flight and rocketry, leading to the construction of an actual rocket.

Join Professor Baloney for his Wacky Science Parties. He uses household substances to do science experiments that the children can repeat for themselves after he has gone. Everything involves easy to obtain items. The Science Party emphases fun, but Professor Baloney is a qualified physicist, so the kids will learn too.

The children help out by becoming mad scientists themselves, learning and laughing at the same time. A great party idea for birthdays and celebrations.
The Science Seanachai show is also a big hit at schools. Tony has done this show for all classes, from first in Primary School up to Transition in Secondary School.



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