Traditional tales with a twist

Kids love a bedtime story – at any time of the day. Let them hear a tale from a professional; a seanachai for modern times.
Before we invented writing we sat around the fireside and swapped stories. We never stopped. Few countries have an oral tradition as strong as Ireland.
A storyteller is great for a birthday, Halloween or Christmas party, or just as an unusual alternative to a magician or a clown. Have a real seanchai visit your school and recreate the stories of the Celtic or the European tradition. 
Tony, a published children’s author, offers two shows.
Grimm Times is a modern take on traditional tales. There are funny ones, scary ones, silly ones, drawn from the Grimm Brothers and the Celtic tradition. You might have heard the stories before, but never like this!
The Tain: This is the backbone of the Irish tradition. Tony dresses as a Celtic warrior of the fourth century, and tells the Cuchulain and the cattle raid that led to his death. This is a great show for schools.
Tony has performed in schools, libraries, and prestigious venues such as Bunratty Castle and the Lifetime Lab as a storyteller.