Easter Egg Hunts

Easter – don’t you just love it? A celebration of chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies, and all thing brown and rich and tasty. In my childhood we had our own ways of celebrating. The eggs were vital – it is not Easter without them. But we used to hard-boil hens eggs and paint and decorate them. And my father would tell tales of growing up in the country and gorging on boiled eggs on Easter Sunday. Occasionally I would try to match his stories by eating as many of them as I could myself. I went over a dozen eggs more than once.

Today it is all about the Easter Bunny, and what he might leave behind. I love Easter Egg hunts, and will be involved in three special Easter events over the weekend. On Good Friday I will be doing magic and puppet shows at the Lifetime Lab in Cork, on Easter Sunday I will be in Craggaunowen in County Clare, and on Monday I will be performing in Bunratty Folk Park.

There will be tricks, games, balloons, fun with Leroy, Eric the Rabbit, and all my other friends, and plenty of magic. I hope to see you during the weekend. Happy Easter everyone.


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